Explaining the Guarantor Portion (2:29)

Presenting treatment plans can be challenging when patients want to know why they owe a specific amount for their treatment-planned procedures. To help, Dentrix Ascend lays out in a clear and orderly manner how the deductible, coverage amount, exceptions, discounts, and adjustments all come together to create the guarantor portion of the treatment plan’s cost. You will use the Guarantor Portion page to obtain this information for the patient.

Watch this video to learn how to explain the guarantor portion of a treatment plan. (Duration: 2:29)

Additional Information

  • Any underlined amounts are also hyperlinks, which you can click to obtain more information about them. For example, click the Primary Insurance Portion Remaining link, and a pop-up message will display the patient’s remaining benefits for the year.
  • Orange-colored hyperlinks indicate an exception, such as a downgrade or age limitation. For example, the pop-up that warns you when Bill to insurance is turned off for a specific procedure can be especially useful for troubleshooting estimates.
  • The Guarantor Portion page uses several icons. Click the “?” badge for a full explanation of each icon.