Entering a Patient Prescription (2:14)

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Before or after an appointment, the doctor may prescribe medications to fight oral diseases, prevent or treat infections, control pain, or relieve anxiety. Medications prescribed by dentists before or after dental treatment have varied functions for the well-being of the patient.

Watch this video to learn enter a prescription for your patient. (Duration: 2:14)

Additional Information

  • You can search for a specific prescription by typing in the name in Search to bring up existing prescriptions.
  • The default prescription options—for example dispensing and dosage instructions—were set up by your office when you first started using Dentrix Ascend. Your office administrator can modify them.
  • Prescriptions cannot be deleted, only Voided. There will always be a history that the prescription was prescribed, even if it was a mistake.
  • Once voided, a prescription cannot be reactivated.
  • To learn more, read Entering prescriptions.
  • To learn more about electronic prescriptions, watch Dentrix Ascend ePrescribe.