Presenting Treatment Plans (2:05)

Once a treatment plan case has been created and organized into visits, you may present and print the case for the patient. You can set a fee expiration as well as add a specific note to the case before printing it.  Once you choose to present the case, the insurance and guarantor portions will be calculated as well as an estimated write off, if the insurance is a contracted carrier.

Watch this video to learn more about presenting treatment plans.  (Duration: 2:05)

Additional Information

  • When you print a treatment plan, it is created as a PDF file which you can print. You can also save this file if you’d like to email it.
  • The Insurance and Guarantor portions are calculated based on the coverage table percentages, and will take into account any exceptions in the coverage table.
  • If a write-off portion is not showing or incorrect, check to make sure the insurance carrier is selected as a contracted carrier and a fee schedule is attached to the insurance plan.
  • To learn more about presenting treatment plans read Presenting treatment plans.