Entering a Perio Exam (3:59)

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Perio exam data can be entered directly into Dentrix Ascend while the patient is in the chair.  There are several pieces of data that can be entered such as pocket depth, gingival margin (recession), mobility, bone loss, furcation, bleeding and suppuration.  These can be entered using your mouse or by using key strokes on your keyboard. You can also specify the script or order you prefer to navigate the mouth.

Watch this video to learn how to enter a new perio exam. (Duration: 3:59)

Additional Information

  • Perio exams can be printed or saved as a PDF file to be shared with another provider.
  • Perio exams can be compared to previous dates to see patient progress. Read Comparing Perio Exams for more info.
  • To learn more, read Entering Perio Exams.