Dentrix Ascend Detect AI: Radiographic Bone Levels (4:08)

Dentrix Ascend Detect AI is an X-ray analysis software that uses artificial intelligence. In addition to identifying potential carious lesions, the software uses interproximal radiographic bone level measurements to detect bone loss for clinical accuracy.  This technology has FDA clearance and is into Dentrix Ascend Imaging so that it fits seamlessly into your imaging workflow. 

The easy-to-view AI results are objective and can motivate patients to accept periodontal treatment. When patients see the color-coded indications and the numbers on the screen, it gives them a compelling reason to get the periodontal treatment that they need.

Watch this video to learn how to identify radiographic bone levels using Dentrix Ascend Detect AI. (Duration: 4:08)

Created April 2023

Additional Information 

  • Dentrix Ascend Detect AI is an additional service to your Dentrix Ascend subscription.   
  • The FDA grants radiographic bone loss AI analysis of bitewing and periapical images for patients 12 years of age and older. 
  • The AI icon only appears in the Tools tab when you have a subscription to Dentrix Ascend AI.   

How Bone Level Measurements are Calculated

Review the diagram below to understand how AI bone level measurements are calculated for bitewings and periapical images.

The table below represents the default measurement values of bone loss for bitewings and periapical images. The radiographic bone measurement indications are color-coded to denote the severity of bone loss, which are similar to the stages of periodontal disease.