Scheduling Appointments from the Treatment Planner (1:21)

Scheduling an appointment for a treatment plan is very convenient because you can do so directly from the patient’s Treatment Planner.  By selecting the case and then selecting which visit you’d like to schedule you are immediately taken to the Calendar to select an appointment time.  In just a few clicks you will have accomplished the task in a very efficient way.

Watch this video to learn how to schedule directly from the treatment planner. (Duration: 1:21)

Additional Information

  • If procedures are added to or removed from a visit, the appointment that they are attached to will be updated to reflect the current procedures in that visit. The appointment will reflect any updates that are made to the treatment plan.
  • If you attempt to attach an already scheduled visit to a new appointment, you will see a message indicating that attaching the treatment plan to this appointment will update the other appointment dated x/x/xx (essentially moving the treatment from the other appointment to the current one). The previous appointment will not be deleted but will no longer have a visit attached and will have a description indicating that the procedures were moved to x/x/xx.
  • If you’d rather attach treatment plans to an appointment already made or one in the process of being made, you can click the link “add TX planner” under the procedure search box.
  • To learn more about scheduling treatment plans see Scheduling appointments from treatment plans.