Entering Clinical Notes (1:18)

After each appointment, the clinical providers in your office write detailed, accurate clinical notes. Clinical notes are an essential part of the clinical record, and Dentrix Ascend makes it easy to document a patient’s visit by manually typing the note or by using a template, which is even more efficient and can lead to more consistent and accurate notes.

Watch this video to learn how to enter a clinical note. (Duration: 1:18)

Additional Information

  • Depending on how the clinical note template you are using was set up, there may be multiple prompts to walk you through the creation of the clinical note.
  • Saving a clinical note does not lock the note or prevent it from being edited. Clinical notes are locked when the clinical note is signed, so if you want to lock the clinical note and prevent it from being changed, you should sign the note.
  • To learn how to modify the content of a clinical note template to better meet your needs, read Customizing clinical note templates.
  • To learn how to promote selected clinical note templates so they’re right at hand, read Adding clinical note templates to the list of favorites.