Comparing Perio Exams (1:47)

Topic Progress:

Once a patient has more than one Perio Exam entered into Dentrix Ascend, the exam being displayed can be compared to a previous exam.  The information shown is color coded so the progress of the patient is visible.  To understand the colors and symbols, select the question mark in the upper right corner to display a legend.

Watch this video to learn how to compare a perio exam. (Duration: 1:47)

Additional Information

  • Only the current exam data will show on your screen, however the color displayed will represent whether the value has increased or decreased. You may toggle between the previous exam and the currently displayed exam by clicking “Show this exam” highlighted in blue.
  • The graph is also displayed below the data to show both exams being compared. The solid line represents the currently displayed exam and the dashed line represents the previous exam being compared to.
  • To learn more about comparing Perio exams read Comparing Perio Exams.