Signing Clinical Notes from the Clinical Note Tasks Widget (2:52)

This instruction is for providers only.

Editing and signing clinical notes takes time. In fact, it is common to sign at least 10 to 15 clinical notes per day. Dentrix Ascend can help you maximize your time by signing clinical notes using the Clinical Note Tasks Widget. The widget workflow allows you to edit and sign clinical notes quickly as you work your way through your Unsigned, Not Entered, and In Progress clinical notes until they are finished.

Watch this video to learn how to sign clinical notes from the Clinical Notes Task Widget. (Duration: 2:52)

Created June 2023

Additional Information

  • A clinical note is considered unsigned by you if you are the primary provider and have not signed it. A clinical note is also considered unsigned by you if the primary provider (someone other than you) signed it, and you are the additional provider and have not signed it.
  • Note: You must first set up your digital signature on your user account to use the Sign feature.
  • The Sign Note button is grayed out until you select the Sign as box and enter your password.