Generating the Unscheduled Treatment Report (1:59)

Patients often are not ready to make financial decisions at the time treatment is diagnosed and presented.  Following up with patients with unscheduled treatment is important to every practice, because these patients are in need of treatment, and because the practice thrives through production.  The Unscheduled Treatment Report displays patients with treatment-planned procedures that have not been scheduled yet. You can use this report as a call list to remind customers of their planned treatment and encourage them to set an appointment.

Watch this video to learn how to create an Unscheduled Treatment Plan Report. (Duration: 1:59)

Additional Information

  • For offices with multiple locations, you will need to first select at least one location before the report will generate.
  • Additional date filters can be added to refine down your list of patients with outstanding treatment.
  • If you click the star next to the report name that will mark it as a favorite and make it easier to find.