Ordering Procedures by Visit (1:57)

Treatment Plans can be organized into cases. Within each case the procedures are organized into visits. Initially all procedures in a case are assigned to Visit 1. Before scheduling any appointments, the procedures should be assigned to visits. A duration can also be assigned to each visit to let the appointment scheduler to know the amount of time desired by the provider.

Watch this video to learn how to organize treatment planned procedures by visit. (Duration: 1:57)

Additional Information

  • Visits are very important as they will be tied to an appointment. For example if Visit 1 has two procedures attached, such as a crown and a composite filling, these procedures will be attached to the appointment assigned to Visit 1.  If the visit is changed, such as the composite filling is moved to Visit 2, the appointment will also reflect that change. The appointment is attached to the visits, not the procedures.
  • When an appointment is scheduled for a specific visit, it will be displayed on the case in the appointment column.
  • The production amount is displayed with each visit.
  • If a procedure needs to be removed, click the x on the right side of a procedure to delete it.
  • To learn more about organizing treatment plans into visits read Handling patient visits.