Charting Existing Treatment (0:58)

Sometimes a new patient will come to you with procedures performed by another clinic or provider. You should document these procedures in your system as part of the patient’s comprehensive record. Dentrix Ascend makes it easy for your clinician to quickly document pre-existing dental procedures in a patient’s chart.

Watch this video to learn how to chart existing patient treatment. (Duration: 0:58)

Additional Information

  • The provider can be the provider that charts or records the pre-existing procedure(s), or you can choose the patient’s primary provider.
  • Although pre-existing procedures are clearly marked with the status of “Existing” in the patient’s progress notes, it is always a good idea to add a note to the patient’s history with any prior information.
  • If no teeth are selected, only those procedures that apply to the full mouth can be selected in the chart.
  • Existing treatment appears in the graphical tooth chart and in the progress notes. Pre-existing procedures will not appear in the Ledger.