Acquiring Intraoral and Facial Images Using an iPad (2:11)

Working with Dentrix Ascend on an iPad offers you the convenience and portability you need to take care of your patients. Even though you cannot acquire x-rays on an iPad, you can still capture intraoral and facial images using an iPad. Although we recommend using the Chrome browser for Dentrix Ascend, if you are acquiring images, you need to use Safari.

Watch this video to learn how to acquire intraoral and facial images using an iPad (Duration: 2:11)

Additional Information

  • If you capture an image that you do not want to keep, you can delete it after the image is uploaded. There is no option to delete an image when you are capturing images. To learn how to delete an image, watch Deleting Images.
  • Tap the edit icon to assign the image a tooth number in the Image preview, if applicable.
  • To learn more about how to use Dentrix Ascend on an iPad, watch Using Dentrix Ascend on an iPad.

 Imaging Requirements

  • Digital sensors cannot be used on an iPad. Therefore, you cannot acquire x-rays from an iPad.
  • You must use the Safari browser to take intraoral and facial images. The Chrome iOS browser does not have the AA icon to allow Dentrix Ascend access to your iPad camera.

iPad System Requirements

  • We recommend keeping your iPad updated with the most recent iPadOS version. Devices running older versions may not work or may have limited functionality.
  • To learn more about iPad set up, read System Requirements.