Working with Imaging Tools (4:17)

There are several ways to process an image in Dentrix Ascend.  There are many different uses for these tools and becoming familiar with them will help in viewing and diagnosing patient images. This video will give you a brief explanation of these tools.

Watch this video to learn how to process images. (Duration: 4:17)

Additional Information

  • Any processing that you perform on an image is permanent (except for colorize, grayscale, and emboss, which are temporary). However, you can view the image in its original state by turning off any processing filters that you have applied.
  • To adjust brightness and contrast on the image, select the half-shaded circle at the bottom of the image or click directly on the image moving your mouse vertical or horizontal.
  • Images can be automatically enhanced as they are taken. The option will be shown while in acquisition mode.  The enhancement can be added later in the one-click tools.
  • To learn more about working with imaging tools, see Processing images.