Entering a Perio Exam Using Dentrix Ascend Voice (3:09)

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Using Dentrix Ascend Voice is like having a hygiene assistant; all you need to do is say measurement numbers and conditions out loud as you normally would, and the results write directly to the Perio exam. This can help improve overall speed and efficiency and improve infection control.

Watch this video to learn how to enter a perio exam using Dentrix Ascend Voice powered by Bola AI. (Duration: 3:09)

Additional Information

  • Dentrix Ascend Voice is an add-on feature which requires an additional subscription.
  • A headset with a microphone is recommended to help eliminate background noise.
  • Tip: If the software does not respond, repeat the tooth number and command again to resume.
  • If the patient has a previous exam, a dialog box will give you the option to save the new exam and include the measurements from the previous exam where you have not entered new measurements, or save only the new measurements taken today.
  • To learn more about voice command functions, go to Dentrix Ascend Voice Getting Started Guide.
  • To learn more about how to enter a perio exam, read Entering perio exams with Dentrix Ascend Voice.
  • For instructions on editing a perio exam, read Editing perio exams with Dentrix Ascend Voice.