Customizing Treatment Plan Disclaimers (1:59)

Once you have identified a patient’s treatment needs, it’s time to present your plan. Because a treatment plan is also a financial discussion, you may wish to include language—the disclaimer—that helps the patient make an informed decision. A custom disclaimer reflects the policies unique to your location. Dentrix Ascend allows you to create two distinct disclaimers: one for insured patients, and one for the uninsured.

Watch this video to learn how to customize treatment plan disclaimers. (Duration: 1:59)

Additional Information

  • You must have the Manage Disclaimers right in order to edit a disclaimer.
  • Any treatment plan printed before you make your changes will not match the new disclaimer language. You may wish to consider picking a cutoff or “as of” date communicated to everyone who presents treatment plans so they are aware of this change, and perhaps provide guidance for honoring (grandfathering) the disclaimer language of any presentations which have not expired.