Sorting and Filtering Progress Notes (1:34)

Many doctors and hygienists like to assess patients’ clinical notes at the beginning of their appointments. That way they can view notes about the patient’s health and past treatments. However, if a patient has an extensive treatment history, it can be difficult to locate treatment details or notes about a specific tooth or teeth. But with Dentrix Ascend, you can use the Progress Note’s sorting and filtering options to locate the treatment history for a patient’s specific tooth or teeth.

Watch this video to learn how to sort and filter progress notes. (Duration: 1:34)

Additional Information

  • When you open a patient’s progress notes, and if the patient has an appointment scheduled for today, the Scheduled for today filter is selected by default; otherwise, the All filter is selected.
  • The Th (tooth) option is available only when one or more teeth are selected in the Chart tab before you go to the Progress Notes tab.
  • If your filter criteria doesn’t match any notes, the following message will appear: “There are no Progress Notes for your selection.”