Editing a Treatment Planned Case (3:22)

Treatment planning outlines the way a dentist will approach the work that is needed to treat a patient. It is always a work in progress and can be changed or modified at any time up until the point where the patient signs the consent form. Dentrix Ascend offer you flexibility when you need to make changes in the treatment planner. You can quickly and easily edit the treatment planner to accommodate your office and patient’s needs. 

Watch this video to learn about editing a treatment plan case. (Duration: 3:22)

Additional Information:

  • Note: The Create menu is not available until you move unassigned treatment-planned procedures to a treatment plan case.  When you select the procedure(s), the Create drop-down menu becomes active, and you can select whether to create an appointment or a pre-authorization.
  • When changing providers for treatment plan procedures, if you do NOT select Update procedure amount(s) based on this schedule, the procedure amount(s) will continue to use the last provider’s fee schedule.
  • If you select a provider that does not have an assigned fee schedule, the Changing Provider dialog box will open; however, it will not include the option to update procedure amount(s) based on a fee schedule. The procedure fees will continue to be pulled from the last provider’s fee schedule.
  • To learn more about making changes to a treatment plan, read Editing treatment plans.