Acquiring Images (4:49)

Patients require x-rays for many different reasons. In most cases, it is part of their routine check-up; however, patients always have the ability to refuse having images taken. This makes assigning x-rays to an appointment potentially inaccurate.  Dentrix Ascend solves this issue by giving providers the ability to charge out the images during the acquisition process.

Watch this video to learn how to acquire and post images in one quick process. (Duration: 4:49)

Additional Information:

Imaging Setup 

  • The Acquisition Agent must be installed in order to acquire images. 
  • To learn how to get started with Dentrix Ascend Imaging as a new user, watch Setting up your computer and imaging devices from the 3 Keys to Succeed in Dentrix Ascend Imaging webinar or Contact Support if you need further assistance.
  • If you have not already accepted the diagnostic use policy, a dialog box appears the first time you open the Acquire Images page. To begin using the imaging features of Dentrix Ascend, you must select the I accept the above-mentioned policy check box, and then click Accept & Go to Imaging.
  • For more information about set up and the imaging workflow, see Acquiring Images in the Resource Center.

Acquiring Images 

  • Dentrix Ascend follows an acquisition sequence when acquiring patient images. It is important to follow this sequence when you are acquiring images. If you do not follow the sequence, Dentrix Ascend will think that you are finished and automatically finish and close the imaging exam on the last numbered sequence.
  • To learn more about how to set up a custom acquisition sequence, watch Creating a Custom Image Acquisition Sequence in the Dentrix Ascend Resource Center.

Additional Imaging Features 

  • By default, the Apply Charges and Bill to Insurance options are always selected. You must deselect them if you do not want to charge or create a claim for a procedure.
  • Only providers who have access to the current location are available for selection. The patient’s primary provider is selected by default; otherwise, providers are listed alphabetically by Short Name.
  • To add an imaging procedure to Favorites, click on the star next to the name of the procedure.
  • Once the exam has launched, an auto enhancement filter can be applied.  You can turn this filter on or off during the exam or after the exam when working with Tools.