Defining Favorite Procedures (1:40)

If your practice is like most, your clinical activities follow the 80/20 rule—80% of the work you do is covered by 20% of the procedure codes. Wouldn’t you like it if those most common procedures were right at your fingertips? One of the easiest ways to post treatment in the Patient Chart is to use procedure buttons. The Top Procedures panel contains a collection of buttons that can be customized so the procedures you use most frequently are all in one spot. Using procedure buttons saves time because you don’t have to search through a list.

Watch this video to learn how to define your favorite procedures. (Duration: 1:40)

Updated February 2024

Additional Information

  • You can include multi-codes as favorite procedures.
  • You can set a procedure code as a top procedure by toggling the Include in favorites switch to On in the procedure code editor.
  • To learn more about editing procedure codes, read Editing procedure codes.