Charting Treatment (1:18)

During a patient’s exam, you identify a tooth with caries and need to chart a procedure that will restore it. Dentrix Ascend makes it easy for you to quickly and completely chart treatment in the patient’s chart or the quick exam. Additionally, once you chart treatment in the patient’s chart or quick exam, it automatically goes into the patient’s treatment planner.

Watch this video to learn how to chart treatment. (Duration: 1:18)

Updated November 2023 with closed captions

Additional Information 

  • Dentrix Ascend utilizes a “smart” selector; the procedures that appear in the procedure list depend on which teeth are selected. 
  • You can customize your top procedures, or “favorites” list, to meet the needs of your practice. 
  • When you type in the Search field, your choices narrow as you continue to type. 
  • To learn more, read Charting treatment