Resuming an Incomplete Exam (1:23)

There are times while acquiring images you need to skip a section of a series, for example, if your patient has recently had work done in one area but was due to get their bitewings.  You may have decided to skip the sensitive area and take that single image at their next cleaning visit after the patient has had time to heal. To have a complete record you will want to get those missing images into the exam.

Watch this video to learn how to resume an incomplete exam. (Duration: 1:23)

Additional Information

  • The Acquisition Agent must be installed and updated to the correct level to have the Resume Exam option.
  • There are no billing options on this acquisition because this procedure would have been billed out when it was initially taken.
  • Resume Exam will only appear if you have missing images from an existing exam. If all images are there, this will not be an option.
  • The dates on which the images were taken will appear next to the teeth numbers when the image is selected.