Entering an Electronic Patient Prescription (DoseSpot) (4:49)

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Sending an electronic prescription is convenient for your patients and helps your practice avoid mistakes, delays, and safety risks associated with written prescriptions. For offices that use electronic prescriptions through Dentrix Ascend ePrescribe, you can assign a dental assistant or hygienist as a proxy user so they can enter electronic prescriptions for a provider.

Watch this video to learn how to enter an electronic prescription for your patient. (Duration: 4:49)

Additional Information

  • Dentrix Ascend ePrescribe is a service that you must purchase separately from the Dentrix Ascend practice management program. If you wish to purchase the ePrescribe add-on, contact a product specialist at 888–278–3685 option number 1.
  • If a patient is younger than 18 years old and does not have a height and weight entered in ePrescribe, the Enter Patient’s Height and Weight dialog box appears. You cannot perform any tasks in this patient’s ePrescribe record until after you enter a height and weight.
  • If the prescription is a controlled substance, a Controlled Substance – Ready to Sign dialog box appears. The provider will be required to enter a PIN and a two-factor authentication security code that is generated using the DUO Mobile app.
  • To learn more about using a proxy user to enter electronic prescriptions, watch Using a Proxy to Enter Electronic Prescriptions.
  • To learn more about using ePrescribe, watch Dentrix Ascend ePrescribe.