Assigning Recare to a Patient (4:22)

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Assigning a recare schedule to patients is helpful for them and for you. Keeping up with recare appointments helps patients maintain their oral health and helps your practice maintain a full and productive schedule. It’s a win-win, and you know it’s important. But sometimes you get busy and forget to assign recare to patients. Don’t worry! Dentrix Ascend makes it easy to assign a patient to recare.

Watch this video to learn how to assign recare to your patients. (Duration: 4:22)

Additional Information

  • On the Recare page, Primary recare types are shown in bold. Secondary recare types are shown in normal text. Ascend will prompt you automatically to schedule the next recare appointment and automatically send patient communication reminders ONLY for primary procedures.
  • To manage recare types, you must have the Manage Recare Set Up To assign patients to recare, you must have the Review and Manager Recare right.
  • To learn more about recare types, read Adding recare types.
  • To learn more about assigning patients to recare, read Attaching Recare to Patients.
  • For a deep dive into recare setup and benefits, watch this webinar: 3 Tools to Master Your Recare Workflow.