Searching for Open Appointments (2:01)

Have you ever felt the “silence on the phone” while you’re searching the Calendar for open appointments? What if you could narrow your search by having Ascend generate a list of openings for you? Using the Search for Openings tool, you can find open appointments and customize your search to find exactly what you and your patients need.

Watch this video to learn how to search for open appointments with the Search for Openings tool. (Duration: 2:01)

Additional Information

  • A patient’s preferred appointment day and time will pre-select the day and time range filters for you, when you open the search utility. (Patient preferences are set in the Patient Information Preferences tab).
  • Use the Reset button (at the bottom of the form) to reset the filters to their default settings.
  • When searching for open appointments, the Search for Openings tool takes into account a provider’s pre-defined working hours.
  • Selecting an Appointment Duration value ensures that the opening has enough time for the anticipated work. Once you return to the Calendar, you can modify an appointment’s duration if needed.
  • To learn more, read Searching for available appointment times.