Using the Routing Panel for Patient Check In (2:57)

One of Dentrix Ascend’s unique all-encompassing features is the routing panel. This helps guide you through a patient visit and manage the flow of your day. The routing panel offers you relevant information at each stage of the patient’s appointment. For example: Was the patient confirmed? How many appointments have been broken by this patient? Does the patient need their email address added? Use the panel to update a patient’s status so other staff in the office will know when their patient has arrived and is ready to be seen.

Watch this video to learn how to check in patients using the routing panel. (Duration: 2:57)

Additional Information

  • Use the pin in the upper right corner of the panel to keep the panel open without covering important information behind it. The pin will only be displayed if your screen size is wide enough to accommodate it.
  • As a shortcut, just clicking in the Patient Search field will show you the patients scheduled in the selected operatory today; no typing required!
  • Your operatory selections are remembered by device.
  • To learn more about status notifications, read Subscribing to notifications.
  • To learn more about the routing panel, read Routing patients.