Following Up with Patients after Visits (2:15)

There are many reasons to follow up with a patient. They may have had a difficult procedure today; they may have just been referred to an oral surgeon for an extraction; or they may need to provide you with some insurance information. Whatever the reason, Dentrix Ascend offers a follow-up workflow to help you stay organized and track these follow-up calls.

Watch this video to learn how to follow up with patients after visits. (Duration: 2:15)

Additional Information

  • You can also mark a patient as needing follow-up from the Schedule. Click an appointment on the calendar to open its details. Check the Needs Follow-up checkbox and click Save.
  • When you set a custom range on the Patient Follow-Up page, Dentrix Ascend defaults to that range the next time you access the page on the same device.
  • By default, you can view 50 appointments at one time. You can change the view to show up to 100 appointments by selecting 100 from the Showing list in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • If you have multiple pages of patient appointments, navigate the pages by clicking the page numbers or the Previous and Next links in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • To learn more, see Following up with patients after visits.