Recare Overview (4:39)

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Dentrix Ascend has everything you’ll need to keep your hygiene schedule full and keep you productive. When you have set up your recare types and patient communications, Dentrix Ascend has the tools to send automated reminders to patients and allow patients to conveniently book online. The unique routing panel helps keep your schedule full by alerting you at patient check out when a patient does not have a recare appointment scheduled. The recare reports and widgets in Dentrix Ascend also help you keep a full schedule by tracking your patient recare appointments so you can easily see who has a recare appointment and who is due for a recare appointment.

Watch this video to get an overview of how recare works in Dentrix Ascend. (Duration: 4:39)

Additional Information

  • You must set up your recare types so they can be attached to patient appointments.
  • Recare types are global (available to all locations across your organization).
  • When you post a completed procedure that is associated with a recare type (such as when you are completing an appointment), Dentrix Ascend automatically attaches the corresponding recare to the patient’s record using the default settings for that recare type.
  • You can send email and text reminders to patients who are due for recare from Dentrix Ascend without an add-on service or additional charge.


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