Receiving Lab Cases (1:35)

The purpose of marking lab cases as “Received” is to communicate their status and avoid having a patient show up for an appointment when the lab case is not back from the lab. The visible “L” icon on an appointment helps the front desk staff know if the lab case has been delivered when confirming appointments and helps the clinical staff easily verify if the lab cases have been delivered for the next day’s patient appointments. If needed, the lab can also be contacted to check up on a lab case if it has not arrived yet.

Watch this video to learn how to receive a lab case. (Duration: 1:35)

Additional Information

  •  The “L” icon that appears on the appointment reverses colors when you receive a lab case.
  • The Outstanding Lab Cases widget provides an immediate link to the Lab Cases page and gives you a heads up for how many lab cases you are waiting to receive.
  • Your role must have the Review Schedule right to view the Lab Cases page.
  • Lab case status changes are recorded in the Audit Log.
  • To learn more about receiving incoming lab cases in Dentrix Ascend, read Managing lab cases.