3 Tools to Master Your Recare Workflow Webinar (February 2022)

What do Recare Assignments, Automated Reminders, and Online Booking have in common? These three
Dentrix Ascend tools work effortlessly together to create a powerful automated recare workflow that runs on its own. Dentrix Ascend not only keeps track of when patients are due for recare, but it also sends reminders to patients when their recare is almost due. Online booking allows patients to book their own recare appointments in time slots that you set up.  

Watch this webinar to learn how to use all these tools to master your recare workflow. 

Click any of the following links to jump to the corresponding time in the video:

  • Tool #1: Recare Assignments (1:21)
    Learn how to customize your recare assignments for your practice and for
    individual patients.
  • Tool #2: Automated Reminders (16:17) 
    Discover how to set up automated email or text recare reminders for your
  • Tool #3: Online Booking (24:58)
    Find out how to set up your online booking schedule to allow patients to
    book recare online.
  • Using Recare Reports (34:06) Learn
    which reports to use to track how you’re doing with assigning and scheduling
  • Q&A (39:41)

(Duration: 49:01)

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