Using the Unscheduled Recare Widget (1:10)

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Recare and reactivation is fundamental for a healthy practice, and is one of the most critical jobs in dentistry. The Unscheduled Recare widget is an excellent tool to make sure your patients are being seen regularly; access a list of patients that can be called and scheduled right from your screen.

Watch this video to learn how to use the Unscheduled Recare widget. (Duration: 1:10)

Additional Information

  • To create a Patients Not Attached to Recare report, select the Patients with No Recare.
  • To find patients who are overdue for recare, select With Recare, Unscheduled, and Last Month or a custom range in the past.
  • To find patients who will be coming due for recare but haven’t yet made an appointment, select With Recare, Unscheduled, and Next Month as the date range.
  • The list of patients automatically excludes inactive patients but you can change this by toggling the Only show active patients switcher.
  • A patient who is due for a Perio visit may show up on the Prophy list if they have both recare types set up.
  • To learn more, read Recare Management Report.