Using the Routing Panel for Patient Checkout (2:48)

The clinical team has just finished the sealants on a patient. Now they need to post the procedures and send the patient up front to check out. The routing panel is the quickest way to communicate between the clinical team and the front desk team. This tool give you up-to-the second updates on what procedures have been posted and lets you quickly navigate to all the areas of Ascend needed for checkout.

Watch this video to learn how the digital routing panel can speed up your checkout process.
(Duration: 3:03)

Additional Information

  • You can view all operatories, or just specific operatories.
  • When you open a status it remains open so when you drop your patient to the next status you will not have to open it up.
  • You can see how long that patient has spent in each status once the patient status is set to Here.
  • The pin will disappear if you are zoomed in too much. It depends on your monitor size.  To get the pin back, zoom out, pin it, then zoom back in.
  • If you close up the panel and do not unpin it, the next time you open it, it will automatically pin.
  • A button named Post appears so you can post procedures that have not been treatment planned. The button name is Complete when the procedures are part of a treatment plan.