Rescheduling an Appointment Using the Pinboard (1:41)

Whether a patient needs to change an appointment or you need to lighten your schedule, you may need to move a scheduled appointment to a new date and time. The Pinboard is a temporary location where you can store the appointment while you search for an open time in the Calendar. Once found, you simply move the appointment from the Pinboard to the new time.

Watch this video to learn how to reschedule an appointment using the Pinboard. (Duration: 1:41)

Additional Information

  • An appointment that you move to the Pinboard remains scheduled in its original time slot until you move it from the Pinboard to a new time slot. This prevents another appointment from being scheduled in its place, while you search for an open time.
  • The Pinboard displays the 100 most recently-pinned appointments.
  • Remember that in the Dentrix Ascend Calendar, you do not click and drag; instead, you select and drop.