Personalizing a Patient’s Recare Interval (0:49)

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All of our patients are unique and have their own needs, which includes how often they need to be seen for their x-rays and cleanings as prescribed by their insurance. Dentrix Ascend allows you to define default intervals which will accommodate many if not most of your patients, and then it also makes it easy to customize any recare interval for a specific patient.

Watch this video to learn how to personalize a patient’s recare interval. (Duration: 0:49)

Additional Information

  • Click an “Unscheduled” link to go the due date of the patient’s recare in the Calendar.
  • You can click in the Due Date field of a recare type and select a different date for the next recare appointment, but changing the due date does not automatically change the interval.
  • Each time you complete an appointment with recare attached, the due date for the next recare appointment advances by the specified interval, and a message asks if you want to schedule the next recare appointment now.