Scheduling an Appointment for an Existing Patient (3:19)

Scheduling appointments is one of the most frequent things you do in your practice. Whether you are scheduling recare or treatment-planned procedures, Dentrix Ascend makes it easy to set up a patient appointment.   

Watch this video to learn how to schedule an appointment for an existing patient. (Duration: 3:19)

Additional Information

  • You can add multiple procedures at once by typing a multi-code into the Procedures field. To learn more about creating multi-codes, read Adding multi-codes.
  • Additional tabs on the appointment panel:
    • Use the Contact Info tab to update a patient’s contact information such as their phone number or primary contact.
    • Use Related Appts tab to see whether any related patients have an appointment scheduled today.
    • Use the Medical Alerts tab to view or add medical alerts for the patient.
    • Use the Lab Case tab to see lab cases for the patient.
  • To learn more about assigning a primary provider, read Assigning a Primary Provider in the Dentrix Ascend blog.
  • To learn more about scheduling appointments, read Scheduling appointments for existing patients.
  • To learn more about scheduling appointments for related patients, watch Scheduling Related Patients.