Rescheduling an Appointment (3:23)

There are always reasons for appointments to be rescheduled. For instance, a patient calls to tell you she can’t come on Friday but can come next week; one of your doctors is sick and won’t be able to see patients today; or, the saliva ejector isn’t working in OP-2, and the patients scheduled there need to be moved. Dentrix Ascend can accommodate all of these situations, simply by rescheduling your patients’ appointments.

Watch this video to learn how to reschedule an appointment. (Duration: 3:23)

Additional Information

  • When you reschedule a missed appointment, the original appointment stays on the Calendar and will have a green arrow, which indicates it was rescheduled. Also, the new appointment will have details about the original appointment in the Related Appts
  • If you first need help locating a patient’s appointment, read Locating a patient’s appointments.
  • To learn more, read Rescheduling appointments.