Validating Appointments Booked Online (1:51)

It’s a new day, and one of your many tasks is to ensure that all overnight online appointment bookings are correctly assigned to your patient’s records. For most patients this is automatic. But when Dentrix Ascend is not sure whether a booking should be assigned to an existing patient or if a new record need to be created, it asks you to perform this task—to validate the appointment.

Watch this video to learn how to validate appointments booked online. (Duration: 1:51)

Additional Information

  • When Dentrix Ascend is confident that a patient’s online booking has matched a record in the database, there is no need for validation.
  • The default date range of the Appointments Booked Online page is the past 30 days, because its primary function is to act as a report for online bookings.
  • If you’re still uncertain if an unassigned patient is new or matches an existing patient, contact the patient. He or she must supply a valid phone number or email address to complete the online booking, and that information shows up in the appointment panel.
  • To learn more about validating appointments booked online, read Online booking overview and workflow.