Two-way Text Messaging in Dentrix Ascend (3:52)

The two-way texting feature in Dentrix Ascend allows you to view, send and reply to text messages for primary patient contacts. At the beginning of the day, one of the first things you need to do is check your patient messages to see if a patient cancelled an appointment. This allows you time to fill the broken appointment time with another patient. Throughout the day, no matter where you are in Ascend, you can initiate a conversation with a patient by accessing a patient’s message history from the calendar appointment, the routing panel, or the patient information bar.

Watch this video to learn how to check text message responses. (Duration: 3:52)

Additional Information

  •  Dentrix Ascend sends “patient” communications to the primary contact rather than to the patient.
  • The number in the dot represents the total number of unread messages. Note that this number goes down when any team member marks a message as read.
  • To see the text message notification, your user role must have the Review inbox messages right.
  • Show messages shows the entire message history.
  • The primary contact name is a hyperlink to the Patient Information page.
  • To learn more about the text messaging feature in Dentrix Ascend, read Two-way Text Messaging in this Community Post.
  • To learn more about viewing text messages, read Viewing Text Messages.