Contacting Patients Using the Recare Management Report (1:43)

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As much as you would like it to be true, not every patient schedules his or her next cleaning appointment before they leave your office. Following up with your patients and getting them in for their next appointment can be a major task; however, not with Dentrix Ascend! The Recare Management report puts all the information you need at your fingertips.

Watch this video to learn how to follow up with your patients using the Recare Management report. (Duration: 1:43)

Additional Information

  • You can leave the default Only show active patients filter set to On to view only active patients in the list, or switch the filter to Off to view active and inactive patients in the list. Any inactive patients will appear in gray text.
  • All procedures linked to a given default recare type will populate in the appointment card procedure box. For example, if you select “prophy,” both adult and child prophy procedure codes will be there.  Delete the one that is unnecessary.
  • Click any Due Date link to go to the corresponding patient’s Recare page, where you can personalize the recare interval if needed
  • Click any Appointment link that has a date to go to that patient’s appointment on the schedule.
  • You can group patients by family by clicking the Patient Name column header to sort the list by last name.