Breaking, Canceling, or Deleting an Appointment (2:11)

In an ideal world, patients would show up right on time for their appointment and you would never have to reschedule them. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world; fortunately, Dentrix Ascend has a built-in process for working with broken or no show appointments.

Watch this video to learn how to break, cancel or delete an appointment. (Duration: 2:11)

Additional Information

  • Deleted appointments are removed and cannot be rescheduled; however, they are tracked on the audit log.
  • When a patient breaks an appointment the amount of time they gave notice is tracked from inside the patient’s appointment widget (located on the patient overview). For example if a patient gave 8 hours’ notice when they cancelled, it would indicate 8 hours on the missed appointments tab.
  • All broken and no show appointments that are not immediately rescheduled are displayed in the Fill Openings list under the Actions menu.
  • To learn more, read Deleting appointments.