Completing Procedures (2:00)

It is important to understand that a procedure will not show up in the ledger, be counted as production, or be eligible for insurance claim submission until it gets marked as completed.  For every appointment, you need to make sure all the procedures performed by the doctor or the hygienist are marked as completed.

Watch this video to learn how to complete procedures. (Duration: 2:00)

Additional Information

  • The name of a procedure’s completion button is Post when the procedure is added to the appointment without being treatment-planned, and Complete when the procedure is treatment-planned.
  • Completed procedures automatically post to the Ledger and change to Completed in the patient’s progress notes.
  • The Provider field appears in Chair and Checkout statuses in the routing panel; however you cannot change the provider using the routing panel once the procedure has been completed. For example, if you complete the procedure in the Chair status, you cannot change the provider in the Checkout status. 
  • To learn more about completing procedures, read Completing appointments.