Scheduling an Appointment for a New Patient (3:43)

Scheduling an appointment for a new patient is one of the most common things you will do in your practice. Dentrix Ascend makes it easy to set up and schedule a new patient appointment. 

Watch this video to learn more about scheduling an appointment for a new patient. (Duration: 3:43)

Created May 2024

Additional Information

  • If the patient and no other members of the household have patient records, you can add a household (multiple patient records with the same primary contact).
  • If the patient is his or her own primary contact, an email address is not entered, and the Preferred Contact Method is set to Email me, an error icon and message appear as a reminder for you to either enter an email address or change the preferred contact method.
  • To learn more about scheduling a new patient, read Scheduling appointment for new patients.
  • To learn more about setting up and using a schedule template to create time blocks in your schedule, read Create a Schedule that Meets Your Production Goals.