Scheduling an Event (2:23)

To avoid scheduling conflicts with your patients, operatories, or providers, office events should be scheduled just like you schedule appointments. For example, staff meetings, vacation schedules, or operatory repairs should be scheduled to “block out” these intervals of time in the Calendar. Dentrix Ascend allows you to schedule an event as easily as you would an appointment.

Watch this video to learn how to schedule an event. (Duration: 2:23)

Additional Information

  • You can enter event start and/or end times in various ways. For example, for eight-thirty am, you can type 08:30, 8:30a, 8:30 AM, etc.; or, for one-thirty pm, you can type 13:30, 1:30p, 1:30 PM, etc.
  • To learn more, read Scheduling events.