Updating Insurance Plan Information (1:32)

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Insurance benefits can change from year to year. It’s important to update a patient’s insurance information so that benefits can be calculated correctly. This can be done right from the patient’s Insurance Information page; you can update the coverage table, maximum, deductibles, and insurance notes all in the same place.

Watch this video to learn how to update patient insurance information. (Duration: 1:32)

Additional Information

  • Note that if you change a coverage table, benefits, or plan notes, that the changes affect all patients attached to that insurance plan.
  • Exceptions can be added directly to the coverage table in cases where, for example, there is a downgrade such as a posterior composite. You can also add exceptions for procedures that are not covered or have an age restriction.
  • Benefits used are calculated automatically when insurance payments are entered. They can however be updated manually if the patient used their benefit at another office.
  • To learn more, read Updating insurance information for patients.