Processing Unattached Procedures (1:22)

Dentrix Ascend has a Practice Dashboard which gives you important information at your fingertips!  One of the widgets on the practice dashboard is the Unattached Procedures.  This will give you a list of patients that have had procedures posted but for whom insurance claims have not been created.  In order for a patient to show here, they must have insurance and have a billable procedure posted in their chart or ledger.  Using this tool helps your practice keep your billing going and prevent patients from “slipping through the cracks”.

Watch this video to learn how to process unattached procedures. (Duration: 1:22)

Additional Information

  • If you don’t plan on ever billing a procedure to insurance, edit the procedure code so that the Bill to insurance option is switched to OFF.
  • Insurance claims have a two-step process: first you create the claim, then send it. To learn more about sending claims once they are created, watch Sending Insurance Claims.
  • To learn more about processing unattached procedures, read Processing unattached procedures.