Posting Bulk Insurance Payments (2:34)

Insurance carriers often send one check to cover multiple claims for multiple patients. The Dentrix Ascend Bulk Insurance Payments tool helps you to post these payments quickly and easily without having to open each patient’s claim individually.

Watch this video to learn how to post insurance payments in bulk. (Duration: 2:34)

Additional Information

  • One advantage of the Bulk Insurance Payments tool is that you can be interrupted, close the tool, and then reopen the tool at a later time and continue where you left off.
  • If you use the Ledger to post a patient’s payment, and that payment is part of an insurance plan’s bulk payment, you will be prompted to go to the Bulk Insurance Payments page to complete the transaction. However, you can decline the option and continue posting the payment through the Ledger.
  • Individual Ledger payments to a patient’s claim will automatically be updated in the Bulk Insurance Payments process for that patient and claim.
  • A user account with access rights to the Ledger also has access rights to the Bulk Insurance Payments tool.