Troubleshooting Insurance Estimate Errors (4:24)

Sometimes when you are viewing a treatment plan, you know something is wrong with the insurance estimate. You are familiar with the insurance carrier, yet the numbers just do not seem to be right. Applying these troubleshooting techniques will help you quickly solve common treatment plan estimate errors so you can present your treatment plans with confidence.

Watch this video to learn how to troubleshoot insurance estimate errors. (Duration: 4:24)

Additional Information

  • As an alternative to changing the coverage table, you can click on the procedure and check the insurance override to change the coverage amount. However, this will only change it this one time. It will not make that the standard for any future calculations.
  • Your user role must have the Edit Insurance Plans right to edit coverage tables.
  • To learn more about editing insurance plans, read Updating insurance plan information.
  • To learn how to create a coverage table template, watch Creating a Percentage-based Insurance Coverage Table Template.