Creating Predeterminations (2:04)

Occasionally an insurance company requires a predetermination (a pre-treatment estimate) for a procedure before you can complete the treatment; otherwise, the insurance company might not pay for your work. With Dentrix Ascend, you can create a predetermination in the patient’s Treatment Planner. Ascend also allows you to add images and perio exams directly to the predetermination. 

Watch this video to learn how to create a predetermination. (Duration: 2:04)

Updated July 2023

Additional Information

  • A predetermination can be created for specific procedures during a patient’s visit. If you need to include procedures for multiple visits, create multiple predeterminations or create a single predetermination for all the procedures before you organize the procedures into multiple visits. 
  • For electronically sent predeterminations, remarks in the Remarks for Unusual Services text box are limited to 80 characters. If you need to add more remarks, create your remarks in a word processor, convert it to a JPEG image, upload it to the Document Manager, then attach the image to the predetermination from the Document Manager.
  • To learn more, read Creating predeterminations.
  • The Refresh Status button on the Status/Notes tab becomes active when there has been no status update received from the clearinghouse in the last two days. When you click Refresh Status, Dentrix Ascend immediately updates the status of the claim with the information that the clearinghouse has. If the status has changed, the new status appears next to the Status field.
  • To learn how to set up a reminder for a predetermination, watch Setting Up Predetermination Reminders.