Processing Unresolved Claims (4:25)

Dentrix Ascend has excellent tools for handling insurance claims. Two of these tools are the Unresolved Claims widget and Unresolved Claims list. On the widget, you see at a glance the total number of unresolved claims, how many of those claims have been rejected, and the total dollar amount of those unpaid claims. From the Unresolved Claims list, you can individually review and resubmit rejected claims or set a time to follow up on a specific claim. The Unresolved Claims tools in Dentrix Ascend help you create a workflow for processing unresolved claims.  

Watch this video to learn how to process unresolved claims. (Duration: 4:25)

Additional Information

  • To learn more, read Processing unresolved claims.
  • To learn more about adding attachments, see Adding Required Attachments to Claims.
  • The Unresolved Claims widget is only visible to users with the Review Insurance right.
  • Dentrix Ascend excludes dismissed claims from the total number of claims and the total value of the claims shown at the top of the Unresolved Claims report.
  • Set a follow-up date of 0 to hide the claim from the list for 1 hour.