Attaching a Patient to Insurance (2:45)

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If your practice accepts insurance, then making sure each participating patient is attached to insurance is vital to the revenue of your business. Dentrix Ascend makes it easy to attach any patient to insurance no matter how the household is structured. This allows offices to accommodate any number of unique family situations.

Watch this video to learn how to attach a patient to insurance. (Duration: 2:45)

Additional Information

  • All required patient information (name, gender, birth date, and address) must be entered before you can attach insurance to a patient.
  • If you have not yet verified eligibility, leave the Eligibility value as Unable to Verify. The patient will show up in the Insurance Eligibility page as a reminder to verify.
  • The coverage table and plan benefits are pre-defined as part of the carrier record.
  • If the patient is not the subscriber, stop and attached the plan to the subscriber first.
  • When coverage is added to dependents it is automatically added as primary if they do not have insurance in their own account. If they already have primary insurance, it will add as secondary insurance.